I have known Tarjan for several years now and he has worked
for Off the Wall trekking pre the pandemic. Tarjan is also a Tour
Guide and thus has a broad knowledge of all things Nepalese and
will therefore be a valuable asset for your trekking experience.
Tarjan comes from east Nepal, Bung, but he now lives in Kopan,
Kathmandu along with his wife and family. Tarjan has been
leading treks as a free-lance guide for many years and his
experience covers treks in all the main trekking regions of Nepal. Tarjan has his
Guide’s license along with English Language, a current first aid certificate, recently
newly endorsed (2022) he has also undertaken Eco-Leadership, Developing a
Professional Approach to Leadership and Customer Care courses at KEEP. Your team
will include other porters to carry your personal trek gear and your tent. These will
be associates of Tarjan, possible family members, they need to work as a team so it
is important that his staff are his choice not ours, although they will comply with our
OTWT standards. Both guides have their full Covid vaccinations and the identification
card as evidence of the inoculations and have undergone training for dealing with
potential Covid issues while on trek.