Ms. Sangita Lama currently serves as the Sales and Marketing Director at Off The Wall Trekking, a company founded in early 2015 with a strong motivation and enthusiasm to provide unique and client-oriented tourism services in Nepal. She embarked on her journey with us in 2015 as a Reservation Assistant, showcasing her commitment to our organization.

Fluent in both English and French, Ms. Sangita brings a wealth of experience to our team, backed by a proven track record as a Sales and Marketing Director. Her dedication and hard work are instrumental as we collectively strive towards the goal of sustainable tourism in Nepal.

Nepal, with its vast offerings, holds immense potential in the world of tourism, a potential we aim to fully realize at Off The Wall Trekking. Recognizing our significant responsibility not only to our valued clients but also to the community, we remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainable eco-tourism, preserving the aesthetic value of the regions we explore.

Ms. Sangita Lama is an integral part of our journey, and with her leadership, we continue to voice and uphold the principles of sustainable tourism, ensuring a harmonious balance between exploration and preservation.