Trip Overview

The Tsum Valley, situated near the Tibetan border in the Manaslu region, is one of the most secluded valleys in Nepal. When the Tibetans fled the Chinese invasion they settled in the first place the came to that they felt would provide a sustainable existence, many of the old Tibetan Buddhist cultures and traditions still survive today. The trail passes through pine forests, and alongside, waterfalls and over incredible suspension bridges. There are fascinating villages, gompas, monasteries, mani
walls, and stupas, not to mention Milarepa’s Cave that are worth spending time to look at, as if that were not enough there are also the nearby peaks of Himalchuli 7893m, Ganesh Himal 7140m, Manaslu 8163m, Churke Himal and the Poshyop Glacier.

For trekkers who are fascinated by Tibetan culture as well as the mountains, Tsum Valley offers every opportunity to observe people in theircultural settings, villages, monks and nuns in their respective religious orders and the spectacular views of the Himalaya.

The Tsum Valley Trek can be done separately, or added to the Manaslu Trek for people with more time.

Day 1: Kathmandu to Soti Khola 700m (Drive)
Day 2: Soti Khola to Maccha Khola 930m
Day 3: Maccha Khola to Jagat 1340m
Day 4: Jagat to Lokpa 2240m
Day 5: Lokpa to Chumling 2386m
Day 6: Chumling to Chekampar 3031m
Day 7: Chekampar to Nile 3361m
Day 8: Day Trip to Mu Gompa (Nile) 3700m
Day 9: Nile to Chekampar 3031m
Day 10: Chekampar to Gumba Lundang 3200m
Day 11: Day Trip to Ganesh Himal Base Camp, Gumba Lundang 3670m
Day 12: Gumba Lundang to Lokpa 2240m
Day 13: Lokpa to Jagat 1340m
Day 14: Jagat to Maccha Khola 930m
Day 15: Maccha Khola to Soti Khola 700 m
Day 16: Soti Khola to Kathmandu (Drive)

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